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Tulsa Residential Roofing Inspection

Tulsa Roof Inspection

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Our Tulsa residential roof maintenance process includes a roofing inspection. Inspections start with the homeowner’s involvement. The homeowner is asked if there are any known leaks, missing shingles, or other roofing issues that need to be addressed. Once any issues are known the home inspection begins with the roofing professional walking the perimeter of the house searching for anything abnormal. Abnormalities include lifted asphalt shingles, improperly seated nails, and misaligned shingles. Misaligned or slipping shingles can cause large issues, especially roof leaks. Regular roof inspections are a great investment, especially to find any minor issues, or conduct preventative maintenance.

Slipping Asphalt Shingles

Slipping shingles occur when nails are “high nailed”, overdriven (driven too deeply), or where wind has pulled the nails through shingles and they are only being held by the seal strips. These shingles will eventually start a slow slip down from their original location. Once they slip past the seal strip portion of the shingle, they will fall off of the roof. Once asphalt shingle roofing is not longer present many roof problems such as water damage can occur.

High Nailing

If the nails are placed too high from where the nail strip is located, this can cause high nailing. High nailing can cause problems with shingle seal strips, causing breaks and excess lift with strong winds, as there is more surface for the wind to lift. High nailing is also one of the main causes of slipping shingles. Ensuring nails are in good shape is critical to a healthy roofing system.

Wind Damage

Wind damage is one of the most concerning types of damage. If an individual shingle is removed there is a good change of water damage and roof leaks in that area. Wind damage isn’t as scary as one may think thankfully, typically roofs with wind damage are only a missing a few shingles that are quickly replaced

Part of the roof maintenance and roof inspection process is to identify another roofing professional’s wind damage repair and ensuring it was performed in the correct fashion, ensuring the health of your roof and the health of other roofing products installed on your home. A qualified roof inspector can quickly identify any wind or other types of damage.

Hail Damage

One of the main things home inspectors search for during a roof inspection is hail damage. If your roof has too much hail damage, roof maintenance is no longer the best option, total roof replacement may be in order. Hail damage is not normally seen from the ground. Although hail damage is not as intimidating as wind damage it can damage an entire roof instead of a few shingles. When evaluating a roof for hail damage we do not look at every shingle, but instead perform test squares. A test square is a 10’x10’ area that will be representative of the entire slope. Test squares are completed on the front, back, left, and right slopes of the roof. If we find one hail hit in the test square that has damaged the shingle, we would consider the roof repairable. It would be less expensive to replace one shingle in a 100 square foot area than replace the entire 100 square feet of shingles. After performing test squares, if there are around 8 hail damaged shingles, the repair cost would be more expensive than removing and replacing the entire area.

Final Thoughts

When a roof is “totaled”, that means that it is beyond repair and is in need of replacement. The goal of a professional inspection is to determine if a roof can be properly repaired, or if it needs to be replaced entirely.

If a roof must be totally replaced it is normally time to get your insurance company involved, full roof replacements can get expensive, especially with certain roofing products.

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