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Tulsa Roof Maintenance – The Basics

Tulsa Roof Maintenance - Shingles

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Tulsa Roof Maintenance – The Basics

Residential roofing maintenance, what is it exactly? There are many misconceptions when it comes to roof maintenance. Here we’ll go over the basics you or your roofing service provider can do to ensure a long life from your home’s roof.

There are many factors that go into keeping the roof on your home maintained, trees outside your home, overhead cables, features like dormers and chimneys, gutters, and what your roofing is made from.

A roof is a system of different components working in harmony to perform 1 goal, keep water out of your house!



Tulsa Roof Maintenance - Trees

Trees can cause damage to your shingles if they are not properly maintained. This includes trimming trees which are too close to the home, inspecting for scrapes from those trees, or even cutting down trees that have grown over your house. Maintaining the trees around your house also has the added benefit of keeping your property looking fresh and well taken care of.



Tulsa Roof Maintenance - Cables

Overhead cables, power lines, guy wires, and other overhead hazards can cause damage to your asphalt shingles. Securing cables is another critical part of maintaining your roof. Unsecured cables can be blown against your roof causing scrapes on shingles, or even tearing shingles away completely.



Chimneys & Dormers

Tulsa Roof Maintenance - Chimneys

Most roof leaks we’ve commonly encountered come from around dormers and chimneys. These parts of your home can allow water into your home if not sealed properly, causing costly damages.

Roofers should be looking for errors with these components of your roof such as over caulking of dormers, or incorrectly installed flashing. Home siding should also not be in contact with asphalt roof shingles as this can shorten the life of that siding due to moisture buildup when it doesn’t dry out.

Chimneys also have flashing that is similar to dormers, roofers should be on the lookout of incorrectly installed flashing, siding, and ensure water can properly drain around chimneys. Incorrect drainage can cause rust which leads to roof leaks if not addressed in time.

Snow accumulation in the winter time can also cause leaks as it melts. This happens when snow builds up behind a chimney. To avoid snow melt leaking into your home most building codes require what is called a “cricket drain” behind a chimney if the backside is larger than thirty inches behind the chimney.




Tulsa Roof Maintenance - Gutters

Gutters are another essential part of the roof system. Gutters divert water away from your home’s foundation which can cause erosion. Maintaining this system is critical to the longevity of your roof.

Gutters are prone to accumulation of leaves and other debris. Cleaning your gutters, and their downspouts is critical in keeping water from entering your home, or from entering parts of the exterior facia of your home. Improperly maintained gutters can cause foundation erosion, and rot of the exterior trim of your home.

Guttering can also cause issues if installed incorrectly. Ensure that your gutters are installed at the proper slope, allowing water to flow toward the downspouts. Incorrectly installed gutters will send water away from downspouts, causing accumulation, and possibly lead to water intrusion or foundation erosion.

Adding what are known as “gutter guards” is also a great solution for dealing with debris accumulation in gutters. Preventing debris altogether will help maximize the life of your roof, and home. It will save time and money in the long run from having to clean gutters as well.




Tulsa Roof Maintenance - Shingles

Once all other parts of the roofing system are addressed we can look at shingles. Asphalt shingles are easily installed, and normally long lasting. Difficulties come when other roofing materials are involved, or certain areas are non-standard. Areas like transitions, walls, pipes, and other impediments to a roof can cause installation issues for less experienced installers.

Incorrectly installed shingles are one of the largest causes for roof leaks, and can sometimes lead to problems that require full roof replacement. Some of the most common errors we’ve seen are “high nailed’ shingles or incorrect shingles for certain slopes like low slopes.

Roof repairs on asphalt shingle roofing are critical to keeping a roof in good condition. Keeping your roof repaired, and free of any leaks ensures a long life. Proper repairs can delay needing a new roof installation, which saves you time, money, and frustration as a homeowner. Regular inspections of your roof will identify any trouble areas and can lead to quick, easy repairs from your roofing services provider.




Your roof is a big system that requires maintenance like any machine. You can think of roof maintenance as just another home improvement project that you can do yourself, or if that doesn’t have as much curb appeal, you can hire a roofing services provider to take care of things for you. Every roofing project is different, but following these tips is a great way to ensure getting the most value from your existing roof.

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Tulsa Roof Maintenance - Shingles

Tulsa Roof Maintenance – The Basics

Tulsa Roof Maintenance – The Basics Residential roofing maintenance, what is it exactly? There are many misconceptions when it comes to roof maintenance. Here we’ll

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