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Broken Arrow Roof Inspection

Our Broken Arrow Residential roofing inspections are only the beginning of our roof maintenance process. We begin with asking the Homeowner about any known or suspected issues or abnormalities in the roof. Our licensed professionals will then perform their own inspections around the house and note any other problems that they may see. Abnormalities can include any of the following; lifted asphalt shingles, improperly seated nails, wind damage, high nailing, misaligned or slipping shingles, and even hail damage. Having a roof inspection performed by our professionals is a great way to find and solve problems before they deteriorate and become worse issues such as roof leaks. The act of preventative maintenance and regular roof inspections are a great investment for the Homeowner and the best way to have peace of mind for the safety of your roof.

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Broken Arrow Roof Repair

Making sure that your roof is safe and well maintained is what we do here at Omega Roofing. From making sure that every shingle is properly installed to fixing your crooked gutter so that you don’t have to worry about it, we are dedicated to ensuring that the Homeowner is satisfied with our services. Slipping shingles, hail damage, wind damage, unsecured cables, gutters, and chimney and dormer leaks are all things that we can help fix and repair. Our goal as professionals is to determine if a roof can be properly repaired, or if it has to be replaced entirely. Having regular roof inspections and repairs should help reduce the chances of this happening and will help the Homeowner to save money in the long run.

Broken Arrow Roof Maintenance

Performing roof maintenance isn’t just about fixing your roof, but includes a myriad of other things that have an effect on its condition. Things such as trees, cables, chimneys, dormers, and your shingles all have an effect on your roof. Tree damage can come in the form of scrapping the sides of your house if they’re too close and not properly maintained, and even cause damage to your shingles just like unsecured overhead cables. Making sure that your gutters are properly installed, maintained and cleaned is another from of maintaining both the roof and even preventing excess erosion to the foundation of your house from water. Your roof is like a machine that always needs repairs, and our licensed professionals are always ready to take care of it for you. 


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